Jules Cooper, hedgewitch and wild plant educatorCorn Helyg (Willow Chimney) is a 17th Century Welsh long cottage near Llanfwrog, on the island of Anglesey in north Wales.
It is home to Jules Cooper, who is a creative wild plant educator and children’s author.

Her latest book project is The Little Hedgewitch, which you can now buy online from our shop – where you can also book onto Jules’ wild plant workshops!

Corn Helyg has six and a half acres, developed under permaculture principles.

  • Incredible Edible Hedgerows, which are 400 years old. They grow all around Corn Helyg, and are abundant with wild plums, sloes, blackberries, hawthorn, wild cherry and gorse.
  • Our stream and wetland is rich with meadowsweet, and these areas will be developed further by planting more trees – mainly trees and shrubs with edible, medicinal and other useful qualities.
  • No-dig vegetable beds using organic and permaculture principles.
  • Edible swimming pond.
  • Road Rocks and Pied Suffolk hens, Silkies and Indian Runner Ducks.
  • Forest Garden.

Corn Helyg is on Anglesey’s west side, in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The wildlife is amazing, and although we’ve been told we are situated on the windiest part of the island, we don’t really notice the high winds. We planted a shelter belt of 500 trees in November 2011, to protect Corn Helyg’s animals and plants.

There is a beautiful tranquil feel to Corn Helyg. Buzzards mew overhead, while frogs, toads, lizards and large bats also grace us with their presence.