Incredible Edible Pond

We have had a large pond dug which, will be planted with edible tubers and will be an ‘edible swimming pond’, as well as encouraging beneficial insects such as the beautiful dragonfly. Please see the pictures of how our pond was created below.

A view from the top of our hill looking down on the soon to be Incredible Edible Swimming Pond.

Feeling slightly worried that my beautiful field was looking like a scene from Beirut. Will calmly told me go and have a coffee and come back later.

Ok it is starting to take shape, but still looks a bit like a battle field-more coffee I think.

Ok, I can see my vision! We have hit an underwater spring and it is starting to fill naturally. The beautifull stone was laying underneath the soil where the island is. Lets stand her up again.

Will has an amazing ability to juggle big stones with his digger and manipulate them into place. He knows where to find water and can dig a great big hole and spread the clay and soil back making the landscape look very natural.

Sharing a coffee break with Will.

Will Barnsley from Barnsley Plant Anglesey tel 07770 795 535

The pond looking beautiful in the sun, the grass growing back nicely and wildflowers have started to grow.

The standing stone now named Branwen has a lovely energy about her and sits beautifully on her island. The island itself is large enough to pitch a small tent on.